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Whether you're aspiring to join your first board or looking to broaden your impact across larger corporations and paid boards, our Board Readiness Guide is your essential resource. Dive into our comprehensive guide, complete with a self-assessment tool, to refine your strategy and position yourself for greater leadership opportunities. Download now to take the next confident step in your board journey.


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This is so much more than an informational guide. This download also includes:

Insights into the current board membership landscape and the skillsets they look out for beyond financial acumen in the world of technology and AI. 

Recommendations on how to level-up your LinkedIn profile and board-specific resume for optimized networking.

A self-assessment to identify your board readiness.

A side-by-side comparison of non-profit, private and public boards and the responsibilities they require from members.

"kpCompanies has not only helped me find leaders for my organization, but they have also been proactive in presenting me new leadership opportunities, including board leadership."

Tamra, Minneapolis

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